Gender diversity and corporate performance

AUGUST 2012:   Is gender diversity to the benefit of all stakeholders? In this report, Credit Suisse extend their analysis of board structure and corporate performance to consider senior management representation, introducing the Credit Suisse Gender 3000. Key statistics from the report: Diversity is in focus today, not just for equality and governance priorities, but for […]

Do Investors Punish Companies With More Female Directors?

In 2012, Credit Suisse Group published a report on the topic that analyzed the performance of 2,400 corporations between 2005 and 2011. Its conclusion: Those with at least one female board member enjoyed less volatility throughout economic cycles — a feature that was especially pronounced just after the 2008 financial crisis. Research provider Gallup, consulting firm McKinsey […]

Women’s Participation in Senior Management Positions: Gender Social Relations, Law and Corporate Governance

We provide an empirical overview of women’s under-representation in positions of senior management in Brazil, including the board of directors and “C” level positions. We do so by collecting data on 73,901 top managerial positions of 837 different publicly held companies throughout sixteen years from 1997 until 2012. We find that the proportion of women […]