WILL Woman in Leadership in Latin America.

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Criada em 2014, a WILL Women in Leardship in LatinAmerica é uma organização internacional sem fins lucrativos, com sedes em São Paulo e Nova Iorque e um Conselho Consultivo em Londres. Nasceu com o objetivo de apoiar e promover o desenvolvimento de carreira das mulheres na América Latina.  Por meio de seminários, pesquisas, projetos tutoriais e diálogos com universidades, busca estimular o acesso das mulheres em postos de liderança, além de influenciar empresas sediadas na América Latina a implementar programas relacionados com as mulheres e negócios, promovendo o intercâmbio das melhores práticas entre as organizações nacionais e internacionais.

Sejam Bem-vindos.

Will Latam is not a female-only organization

Tru your Linkedin account, all members can login in the website, and your public datas in that website will be automatically transfered to our database.

Simple like that.
This way, we will have the most updated information from you, and will be easy to communicate with you. Even when you post a new position, or transfered to another company, if you update in Linkedin, it will be updated too in our database. So, mantain your linkedin account ready and set to go.

This is the only way to participate the discussion. if you dont have a Linkedin account, now its a great opportunity to open one.


The goal of the organization is to support and promote the development
of women’s careers in Latin America, recognizing their skills and expertise, and stimulate companies based in Latin American countries to implement programs related to women and business, promoting the exchange of best practices between national and international organizations.




WILL Woman in Leadership in Latin America.

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